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With a combined 30+ years of experience behind our team, we started CRC with the ultimate goal of providing resources, recognition, exposure, and community for photographers. 

Creative Resource Collective

Photo Credit: Renate Wasinger

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We offer two annual education opportunities with our Creative Director, award-winning photographer Drew Doggett

Established in 2022, the reFocus Awards is a global community comprised of photographers in over 97 countries around the world. Offering three annual contests, including the World Photo Annual crowning the Photographers of the Year, the reFocus Awards celebrates exceptional photography. 

Honoring the art of photography 
1839 Awards, named after one of the most formative years in the history of photography, is a contest and platform celebrating the art of photography and all those who continue to explore the medium’s capabilities. 

The premier black and white photo contest.  At Exposure One, we believe that a black and white palette is where the medium of photography comes to life. Our goal is to celebrate the timeless, eternal nature of black and white photography through the vivid images of our global community.



Our platforms are designed to celebrate the photographic image's lasting power, indomitable spirit, and unique ability to communicate ideas, captivate viewers, and express artistic intention.

Honorees receive global exposure, published interviews, cash prizes, customized press releases, placement in our artist directory, winner’s assets, and more. 

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This annual course aims to help fine art photographers create sustainable, financially viable practices with the freedom to confidently pursue their creative dreams

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flagship course

The Lens: Mastering the Business of Fine Art Photography

“Greatest investment I’ve ever made in my career.”

-Jessica, USA

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Join our free, live, four-day workshop alongside hundreds of students from more than 40 countries. During this in-depth learning opportunity, you’ll receive free materials, complete creative exercises designed to set you up for success, and access live training sessions with a chance to ask your questions in real time. 

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Free Workshop for Photographers